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Internship Overview

Students in the Specialized Study in Museum Theory and Practice program are required to complete an internship. The internship will enable the student to receive valuable training in the field and a chance to work closely with museum staff on meaningful projects. Internships should be project-driven and include work in one or more areas of the student’s interest. Although internships are mutually beneficial to both the student and the participating museum, the primary goal is to offer high quality educational and practical experience to the student.


Students register within the academic department of their discipline for a six-credit hour museum internship. Participants must work a total of 320 hours in an approved museum. They are encouraged to schedule their internship after they have taken the program’s two core courses.


By the end of the first semester of the program, students should discuss possible internships with their advisor and academic coordinator of the Specialized Study. Students may apply at local, regional, or national museums, or they may consider interning in a museum affiliated with FSU’s International Programs. The Specialized Study academic coordinator can make suggestions for internships at museums throughout Florida, the Southeast region, nationwide or overseas. Students should plan their internships in advance, particularly if they are considering international internships that have early deadlines. Many museums require extensive applications, transcripts and letters of recommendation. Note: International internships require a separate application process with fees and deadlines. Contact Gisela Fisher at the FSU Office of International Programs at 850/644-7217 for more information.

At the beginning of the semester in which a student is interning, the internship contract should be completed. This contract is intended as an agreement among the student, the museum supervisor, the student’s professor of record for the internship, the student’s museum studies advisor (if different from the professor of record) and the Specialized Study academic coordinator. It outlines the student’s work dates and hours, main responsibilities at the internship location and the paper or project that will be turned in at the end of the semester to the professor of record. A signed and dated copy of the contract should be submitted to the museum supervisor, the student’s professor of record, the student’s museum studies advisor (if different from the professor of record) and the museum studies academic coordinator. During the internship it is the student’s responsibility to record working hours and activities in the daily log and to keep a journal that elaborates on museum experiences*.

At the end of the internship, the student should submit a copy of the daily log, journal, museum evaluation form, and final project to the student’s professor of record and the Specialized Study academic coordinator. Each department has their own requirements as to what they will accept as the project, be it a scholarly paper, a physical project such as press releases, educational didactics or booklets, or exhibition proposals and designs, to name a few examples. The student is responsible for developing an acceptable final project idea at the beginning of the internship as outlined in the internship contract.

Internship Documents

These documents are for the Specialized Study in Museum Theory and Practice internship only. Visit the Department of Art History website for internship forms for the Minor or M.A. in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies.

Internship Contract [pdf]
Daily Log [pdf]
Journal [pdf]
*The journal is meant to be a continuous account that describes the intern’s museum experience. The journal form does not have to be strictly followed but is provided as a courtesy for the intern to use as a guideline.

Evaluation Forms: Forms used by both students and participating museums that provide a written assessment of the museum internship.

Evaluation of Student Performance [pdf]
Evaluation of Museum Performance [pdf]

Project: Students are required to submit a tangible project in order to be graded by their professor of record for the internship and to receive graduate-level course credit per University requirements.

All paperwork should be submitted to:

Academic Coordinator
Specialized Study in Museum Theory and Practice
530 West Call Street
250 Fine Arts Building
Florida State University
P.O. Box 3061140
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1140

Your certificate will not be released until all internship documents are received by the Academic Coordinator.